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Saturday, April 15, 2006

Never bored on your board

I've always tried not to stray too far from my want-list. Just as I always strive never to begin sentences with the personal pronoun "I". It seems that I'm not very good at both resolves as I just spent a rather large wad of cash on 13 books that have never been on my list. But sometimes opportunity comes a-knocking and it would be highly impolite not to open the door.

A dealer-friend in the US was liquidating part of his collection, and I got one of the first shots...among the plethora of books there was a very nice, almost complete Silver Surfer run. Now I've always been a big fan of Good old King Kirby's cool creation, but in already owned the series as the 80's reprint "Fantasy Masterpieces". Normally I don't got for reprints, but the Fantasy Masterpieces were among the best of its kind. The original silver age Silver Surfer books were all double-sized, squarebound books with the first publication of Jim Starlin's "Adam Warlock" series as a back-up feature.
Amazingly all this was also reprinted in the Fantasy Masterpieces series...

Now it would have been just silly to buy the original series as well, considering they guided for well over $1000 in mid-grade....but on the other hand...I'm stupid.
So talked to my friend as I had to move fast as the sharks were already circling and the books wouldn't last long seeing he was selling them at a deep discount.

The only book that was missing from the batch was Silver Surfer #4...now this was a good thing and a bad thing. As #4 is the most expensive (together with #1) book of the series, but also the best. It sports the all-time best comic book cover (IMHO) and is the one cover that John Buscema will always be remembered for...Thor and the Surfer ready to knock the cosmic shit out of each other.
But as #4 was valued at more than #2,#3 and #5 put together, it was a good thing that this book wasn't present, as otherwise I probably wouldn't have been able to buy the set. I'll get that #4 some other day.

Let me treat you to a couple of those classic 60's Surfer covers...

Oh and if you
click on them you get the bigger versions :)