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Sunday, January 01, 2012

2245 comics read in 2011 - Final tally

2245 ... that's the magic number for 2011, the year that was. I've bored everyone to tears (most of all myself) with the updates on how my quest to read 1000 comics in 2011 went.
Well along with the year, the quest is over and these are the points from the Belgian jury.

As I wrote before, I got bookcurious halfway and decided to go for 2011 comics, because let's face it ... a 1000 comics a year, or less than 3 comics a day isn't exactly a stretch. Once I reached 2011 comics I felt happy and sad at the same time. Happy because I manged to pull it off and reach an even higher level in the never ending game of Geekquest, but also a bit sad because I knew I would start slacking in the final 6 -8 weeks.

And slack I did...with the last two months being among the underachievers of the year.
Anyway I've stopped posting all the comics I read this year, but will post a final breakdown per month.

I've also just decided I'll take up the gauntlet again and shoot for 2012 comics in 2012... and will probably make a small post about it now and then.
The trick I learned this year is to stay away from Golden Age comics, they are too big, way too wordy and I fell asleep during half of them, cutting into my reading time. So I'm foreseeing that it will be mainly moderns I'll be reading, on a good day I can read about 10 - 12 of these per hour...which says as much about me as it does about today's comics :(

January 169 comics read.
February 184 comics read.
March 155 comics read.
April 235 comics read.
May 190 comics read.
June 225 comics read.
July 141 comics read.
August 311 comics read. (yeah baby ! )
September 274 comics read.
October 110 comics read.
November 88 comics read.
December 146 comics read.


Anonymous louis tron said...

Hello I was admiring some of your older comic videos when I decided to check our your page. To be able to read all those comics must be amazing. I can't even imagine all the great art and storytelling you've probably enjoyed throughout the years. Cheers to you and your collection

7:21 PM  
Blogger chromium said...

Thanks ! After years of collecting where I was too busy buying comics to actually read them it was a huge pleasure to finally start reading them.

7:34 PM  
Anonymous Vieword said...

AMAZING! is this real? i guess so :) why you're not booked on World Guiness of The Record?

4:43 AM  
Blogger chromium said...

Yeah it's real, though I'm not sure it's something to be proud of ;)
As a matter of fact in 2012 I read even more, I got up to 2500 comics that year. This year I'm already over 1000 comics (in less than 5 months) so who knows what I'll get to at the end of the year.

10:16 PM  

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