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Friday, February 02, 2024

So why am I revisiting my almost 20-year old blog after such a long time...
Well to cut a long story short, Photobucket in all their wisdom decided to delete my pics or have me pay a quite large sum to host it.
To make matters worse, my internet provider's service which included personal webspace with each account, which I used for backup did the same and wiped every user's website

Now it was a crappy webspace, but I used it to host my pics which I could then use on other sites like this blog. As my ISP deleted my personal webspace (after 25 years of use) I lost everything...including a lot of the pics that were on this blog.

So I apologise that you'll see the ugly generic Photobucket and other banners instead of the pictures that were supposed to be there...as some were almost 20 years old they are gone forever.

But the stories remain (until Blogger also decides to terminate the account ahum...) so you can still read about how I started as a collector in 2005 until 2013 when I switched over to vlogging on my Youtube account.

Please feel free to check out the videos of my collection at 

I also stopped making videos after I sold almost 15,000 comics from my collection back in 2017.

I did keep about 1000 comics, all the keys and all the Silver Age Marvel Superhero books from #1 - #100.
But I'm not actively buying comics any longer, once I completed the entire Marvel run from Fantastic Four #1 (1961) to Spider-man 500 (2004) I lost interest...as there was nothing left to buy.

I still have the core collection and the memories on this blog and the vids...and that's enough for me.

'nuff said



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