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Sunday, November 21, 2004

Come in alpha

Moon base Alpha...Commander Koenig...Victor NO !!!
For some reason typing all of this gives me a warm and fuzzy feeling and takes me away to Saturday mornings in the mid-70's watching Space 1999 on my parent's television. Back then it was the next big Sci-Fi thing after Star Trek.
I recently acquired all of the episodes (two seasons, 48 one-hour shows) but something doesn't quite gell...to use Mickey D's words..."I'm not loving it"

I've had the series for over 2 months now and I am about to watch....episode 7...for some strange reason I can only watch one show per week...
The effects are non-existent (smoke, mirrors and flashing lights)...backgrounds are the same week-in week-out, the typical 70's vision of what a future home would look like (70's furniture, orange, silver, black and white colours) and everybody is wearing bell-bottoms :)
Some of the actors are very good, some are pretty dire, storylines are reasonable...but not outstanding. And the pace....oh boy the pace...I grew up in the 70's and even I think the story revolves very s-l-o-w-l-y.

I have to force myself to watch an episode per week, and always put it off (why do you think I'm typing this instead of watching it) While watching it I have the urge (at least every ten minutes) to push the FF button on the remote (but I resist)...

So do I hate it ?? Oh Noooooo..not at all.For some strange reason once I've finished watching an episode I find it quite rewarding...fun even. But I don't want to watch another one for at least 7 days...

So what's my verdict ??? Well sorry, but this time you are going to try watching it yourself. I do plan on watching all 48 episodes, it will take me until the end of Summer 2005, but I'll do it...there's something strangely captivating about the show..
You tell me ??


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