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Saturday, April 25, 2009

Think outside the box

Getting comics halfway across the globe is both an exciting and a maddening experience. Sure you enjoy the anticipation of waiting and hoping this will be the day your little box of treasures arrive. But at the same time you get disappointed if it doesn't arrive on the expected date and you hope and pray it arrives at all...preferably intact.

But as I'm geographically challenged there is no way around, this and my gargantuan yearly shipping bill are the darker sides of collection, but once the box arrives, everything is right in the world again and I temporarily forget all the woes and focus instead on the wonders.

The last 2 weeks I was on pins and needles as I was expecting a rather important package and because of all the non-working days due to Easter, it was stuck in transit somewhere. To make matters worse, it got stuck in customs as well. My friendly neighborhood customs official opened the box, even though the value was below the import-duty threshold. Once he opened and inspected the box he came to the conclusion I didn't have to pay duty or tax and all forms were filled in correctly. But I still had to pay $15 to get my box back, because he had inspected it and all inspected packages carry a $15.00 cost... I have given up trying to understand the logic in all of this.

But once the package was finally delivered I focused on the contents and got that stupid grin again. This time the box wasn't as filled as previous boxes, but it did hold some key books.

I made yet another video showing all the goodies, let me know if you get tired of all these vids and want me to post pics again. I filmed it this time as I seem to get a lot more reaction to vids than to pics, I guess that's Youtube for you.

Here goes...

If you really don't care for videos and want to see which keys I'm talking about (yeah go ahead and spoil the surprise) you can click HERE to see a pic of the two keys (but the vid is cooler)

Oh and as always you can check out the videos in higher resolution directly through my Youtube page Chromiumcomics Youtube page

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Anonymous Peter said...

Verrrrrrrrry cool, Allan! Those videos are such a good idea! They really add to your blogs :)

2:34 PM  
Blogger chromium said...

Thanks :)

3:35 PM  
Anonymous greggy said...

How about a video of you running around naked whenever a package arrives?



3:49 PM  
Blogger chromium said...

So basically you want to see two packages for the price of one ? Hmmm

3:51 PM  
Anonymous greggy said...

Yeah....I'll be so....happy!!!!!



8:20 PM  
Blogger chromium said...

Consider it done !
Now go back listening to Ace of Base.

8:23 PM  
Anonymous greggy said...

Only ABBA for me, bitch



10:44 PM  
Blogger chromium said...

I know you were "Bjorn" again...

10:48 PM  
Anonymous greggy said...

Let's see some sweet romance books, Frenchie.

8:19 AM  
Blogger chromium said...

Need something to get you in the mood late at night eh ?

8:20 AM  
Anonymous greggy said...

You know it, suga

4:28 PM  

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