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Saturday, February 04, 2006


Well, after waiting 2 long long months, I finally have my Fantastic Four #1 in my possession, completing the entire series. Goodbye FF...you were a nice series to complete. My scanner can't scan slabs, and as I still have to crack the FF#1 CGC case, here's a picture

A Dozen Ditkos

With the FF series complete, I can now concentrate on getting the last Amazing Spider-man books I need.
A few weeks ago I won a Heritage auction featuring a number of early (Ditko!) ASMs...trouble was that I already owned 2 issues out of the 12 book lot...
After some soul searching I decided to place a bid based on the price I wanted to pay for the 10 books, not the 12 books...and happy to say that I won.
So in fact I got the two extra books for free, once Spidey Movie #3 madness hits, I'll put the 2 doubles on eBay and hopefully get some change back.

All books are around the VG range, with most a tad lower...but all in all nice books with a lot of eye-appeal. I've started reading them yesterday and nothing compares to the feeling of opening up and reading 40-year old comic books and thinking about the kid that originally bought them for 12 cents from a stand or store. One of them was "Leo" as he wrote his name on the cover. Wonder what Leo is doing right now ?

Just click on Steve Ditko to see the scans of the new books