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Saturday, February 04, 2006

A Dozen Ditkos

With the FF series complete, I can now concentrate on getting the last Amazing Spider-man books I need.
A few weeks ago I won a Heritage auction featuring a number of early (Ditko!) ASMs...trouble was that I already owned 2 issues out of the 12 book lot...
After some soul searching I decided to place a bid based on the price I wanted to pay for the 10 books, not the 12 books...and happy to say that I won.
So in fact I got the two extra books for free, once Spidey Movie #3 madness hits, I'll put the 2 doubles on eBay and hopefully get some change back.

All books are around the VG range, with most a tad lower...but all in all nice books with a lot of eye-appeal. I've started reading them yesterday and nothing compares to the feeling of opening up and reading 40-year old comic books and thinking about the kid that originally bought them for 12 cents from a stand or store. One of them was "Leo" as he wrote his name on the cover. Wonder what Leo is doing right now ?

Just click on Steve Ditko to see the scans of the new books


Anonymous Anonymous said...

oooo...that looks like agreat bunch of comics!! BUt why on earth read them?! Doesn't it lessen the quality? :p

Richard Boom

12:30 PM  

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