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Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Merry X-mas - Happy Holidays

I've been accused of being a grouch around Christmas time and well...I'm not saying that I'm innocent. But some people have tried to turn me around this year. I'm still not the type you want to take along to Christmas mass to have a nice sing-a-long, but I've mellowed out a bit this year, so instead of the usual f*ck Xmas picture, I would like to say Happy Holidays to all you 'Nuff Said readers with this rather nice Avengers scan..


Blogger Boomvavavoom said...

Love you dude!!

and especially for you (so you also know I REALLY am thinking about you!! ) I have these two things to show you!!

Must make your Xmas even better :)



5:21 PM  
Blogger Boomvavavoom said...

I just noticed Dan Schaffer also shares your (former) feelings



4:25 PM  

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