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Sunday, September 25, 2005

Mjolnir knocked some sense into me

Well at the beginning of Summer I decided I needed another big big series to complete. After reading the masterful Walt Simonson run, I decided on Thor. Now Thor "starts" in Journey into Mystery #83 and ends in #125. So chose to start collecting Thor #126 (first book in own title) and end at #502 (end of vol#1).

But after getting more and more Silver and Bronze Age books, the modern ones started to pale in comparision. And then I got hit by the mighty Uru hammer and had a brainfart....Why oh why was I going to spend money on issues #401 through to #502 ?? Most of them are pretty crappy 90's dreck and they would take in yet more space...

So I decided to stop at #400. Issue #382 is a better choice as it's not only the end of the Simonson run, it's also the end of a an era in Thor mythology. But I've always been a sucker for even numbers, so #400 it is.

This is the earliest Thor I have so far,second issue from the run, it's surprisingly high grade for me, but don't you just love that cover ? Story and art are equally impressive. Early 60's comics just blow you away sometimes


Blogger Boomvavavoom said...

sounds like great fun! Thor and Loki and ofcourse Thor's human counterpart and all the Norse mythologies are amazing things (when handled well).

I especially remember the Marvel-ous interpretation of "Troy" and Loki's role in it...loved that.

but also Thor's love for the human women (forgot her name) but also his love for this goddess were handled greatly.

And do not forget that WHAT IF where that women receives the Hammer...loved it!!

2:00 PM  

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