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Sunday, May 15, 2005

Back in the Saddle

Wow has is really been nearly two months...??
Sorry for all this, but I've had some personal issues to deal with, and my comics stuff took a backseat for a while. I'm getting back in the saddle and meeting life head-on, so I decided to start blogging again.

The fact that I'm hardly buying issues anymore doesn't help either. In 2004 I must have bought over 3000 comics, in 2003 over 5000. I think this year so far I've maybe bought 100...
I'm still spending the same amount of money every month, but as my series get more and more complete,only the expensive comics remain. And if I have to buy $500+ comics, it just won't happen every week.

I did purchase some stuff however, 50lbs of comic magazines, two Silver Age Spideys and the complete Thor Simonsson run. So expect a few entries on that later this week


Anonymous Médard said...

i'm still looking for the Simonson Thor run myself, but haven't been lucky as of yet... :\

4:36 PM  
Blogger chromium said...

Yeah I got lucky, a friend of mine in the US put up Thor 337-382 (Simonson! Complete!) on eBay and I just HAD to win it :)

The weird part is that I haven't read a single Simonson-Thor book ever, but everybody keeps telling me it's one of the best runs ever and that I HAVE to read it. The other weird part is that I have over 6000 Marvel comic books and only one (1!) Thor issue.

If I don't like them you can have them for a bargain-price ;)

4:43 PM  
Anonymous Médard said...

Deal :)

I've got a big chunk of Dan Jurgens Thor run from 1999/2000/2001.
Which is pretty good. It was also praised alot by Thor fans so maybe if you like the Simonson run the next step would be the Jurgens run.

8:35 PM  
Blogger Boomvavavoom said...

Glad to see you back dude!!

When I got my pre-orders in last week I received about 50+ comics, but when I looked at my own list of comics I purchase I noticed I already have bought 5 times more via different deals, Milehigh and such :)

11:29 AM  

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