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Monday, February 28, 2005

The Lunatic is on the Grass...

I'm a fool I know.....the next stoning will commence in half an hour, so please reserve your tickets. After ranting and raving in my previous entry about getting rid of my Silver Age stuff, I just realized I can't do it...If I want original art, I'm going to have find another way to get it, selling my collection is a no-no

So what did this fool do ? Well instead of selling my Fantastic Four books, I went out and bought a few more.
Saturday night I won FF #18 and I also got news that my FF#28 arrived safely at my US address.
But the big one was last night, I autosniped and won...Fantastic Four #4... the most money I have ever paid for a single book.

In other words, I now only need FF#11 & FF#14....oh and FF#1 of course.

I'm feeling the familiar sensations of queasiness because of (again) spending way too much money on funny books this month combined with utter delight in coming ever closer to my quest. But hey, I had a tough week, so I won't feel bad about treating myself.
So there !


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