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Friday, December 24, 2004

How soon is Now ?

Finally some news from the Avengers front.
Canadian dealer Doug Sulipa sent me 4 of the last missing Avengers. Issues #6, #11, #14 and that elusive #110...This means I now only need issues #4 & #5 to get the complete set. The good news is that I've already bought them.
The bad news is that they're still in the US.
My agent in Maryland, Chrisco37 will try his best (fighting off bouts of alcoholic frenzy) to get them to me before the end of the year, which was my initial plan. Hard to imagine that at the start of 2004 I still needed over 150 Avengers issues.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

my gawd...you have been working overtime on this dude!!!

I really get a warm feeling inside when you are discussing this obsession of yours! Great!!


7:28 AM  

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