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Sunday, December 19, 2004

Just call me angel of the morning

Yes, I am one of those people that's partly guilty of the sorry state the comic world is in today...you see I just don't buy enough new titles any more...and I'll buy even less in 2005.. I've decided to stop buying Vertigo's Lucifer, still the best Sandman spin-off and for my money still the best comic Vertigo is putting out these days. So why am I packing it in ? Well because the series just doesn't surprise me anymore. I've loved every 55 issues, hardly a dud among them, great stories and breathtaking covers, the inside art isn't bad either...but for the last year I've been getting a really strong feeling of deja-vu. It seems like every storyline is about some ancient god that's trying to wrestle some power from Lucifer. Someone close to him betrays him, he looks beaten and defeated, both using his cunning and ruthlessness he beats all odds and triumphs at the end....it was a nice 5 years Vertigo, but I feel Lucifer isn't that "hot" anymore these days... Hell, maybe I've just found religion...who knows


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