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Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Phoenix Rising

Ok, well I've bored you all for weeks on end with my quest for my missing Avengers issues, and most of you know I'm also completing a full Fantastic Four and Amazing Spider-man run. But here & there I've been buying Uncanny X-men issues as well
I did sell off my entire collection from #150 through to #400, but I kept #100 to #150...and for some strange reason I decided to get #94 through to #99 as well. Now as most of you know, these are not cheap...but I bought an issue here, and an issue there and was slowly chipping away until my attention was drawn to the third X-men movie. Granted it's still 18 months away, but it's going to be based on Uncanny X-men #101. Jean Gray turning into Phoenix.
This means of course that the more the word gets out the less obtainable this book will become.
It's not only a classic story it's a GREAT cover. And I wouldn't be surprised if will be used as a powerful shot in the film. Hell I wouldn't even be surprised if the final movie poster will be based on this cover (then watch the price soar)

Now I checked out prices and nearly fell off my chair when I discovered 9.4 NM copies sell for anywhere between $350 and $400...
But for once I lucked out and found a very nice VF+ copy at a more affordable price.


Anonymous Anonymous said...


That is such a cool cover!!

And thanks for the big scan! I can use it for my Phoenix-website http://jump.to/boomboom/phoenix.html


Congrats! A great moment in comics!
I just wish they would reprint the previous issues in a tpb also!!


5:12 PM  
Blogger chromium said...

They have all been reprinted as Xmen Classics (which ads a bonus story to the book as well and a new cover)

I'll rummage through my boxes and see what I still have....

And yes, that is a glorious cover...I can already see it as the movie poster for X³

5:45 PM  

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