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Friday, November 26, 2004

Throwing money out the window

Today was one of those red letter days, Avengers #2 and #3 finally arrived...I was most impressed by the quality of #2. This 1963 book grades out as FINE+ and is a little jewel to behold. I had a lot of fun reading the damn things, cool ads for other early Silver Age Marvel book, alas no reader's page (well the series was only 3 issues old by that time)

I've also ordered 27,25,60 & 61. Which leaves just 4,5,6,11 & 14 on the want-list.
Santa are you listening ?

click here to look at Avengers #2


Blogger boomboom said...

Way to go dude!!

Seems like you almost have a dream come true!!

I do hope Santa is listening but I don't know if he is on Ebay!! LOL

3:26 PM  

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