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Sunday, November 21, 2004

Mmmmm CeBop

After putting it off for over a year I finally bought a memory/stick Mp3 player. When the 128meg version came out, I told myself I'd wait for the 256. Once that was there, I wanted the 512 model. Much to my surprise a store in Brussels just got a 1Gig model for less than most 512Meg models were selling. I was kinda worried about buying an unknown brand (it was still € 150.00) but I was in a wild and crazy mood and took it home with me
(when I say "take" I mean "bought" Mmmmokay ?)

To my surprise the player was already half full with mp3 files, seems the nice people at the store sold me a demo model or just play around with any model they find. But hey I'm easy, it's all firmware, so it doesn't wear out. It weighs in at a ridiculous 28 grams, and is German made (which made me feel slightly better). After two weeks of fun with it, I'm very glad I bought it, it holds over 250 hours of music, weighs nothing and I can transfer full movies on it from one PC to another.

I did replace the headphones with a Sennheiser 550 MX (which is the KING of lightweight headphones) and the sound now is crystal-clear, bass goes real low without the distortion some players have. I'm pretty happy with the new toy, I even volunteered to rake the yard so I could listen to it for a few hours...

The 1GB Cebop run


Anonymous Anonymous said...


this indeed sounds great dude!!

But with the remark "rake the year" I think you mean "rake the yard FOR a year...." :p

8:34 AM  

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