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Monday, November 22, 2004

Avengers (nearly) Assembled

Well much to my surprise it's looking more and more like The Avengers is the first of the big Marvel series I'll complete. At the beginning of the year I needed about 80 Amazing Spider-man issues, 25 Fantastic Four ones and over 200 Avenger books.

At the time of writing I just need 9 more...
Last week was pretty expensive as I bought #2,#3,#7,#9,#13,#15,#19 & #23... (still waiting for #2 & #3 to show up in the mail)

I still need to find #4,#5 #6, but the other six missing issues should be no problem. Fingers crossed that I manage to complete the full run of #1 - #503 before 2005 rolls over


Anonymous Anonymous said...


you are such a comicgeek!!

Why don't you try a GOOD comic like Kabuki for crying out louod!! :)

Just kiddin'ofcourse!!!

It is so great to see you getting this goal and this fantasy fulfilled infact..



8:38 AM  

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