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Wednesday, December 08, 2004

War...what is it good for...

...well for providing a backdrop for weird DC comics for one...
Today I received a BIG package of 70's & 80's DC Weird War Tales comics from Flying Donut, one of my comic acquaintances. I LOVE this series even though it's not Superhero Spandex and it's not Marvel.
I mean how can you not with covers like these :

I've loved this series since I was a boy, but never got round to reading more than a few issues, now I have over 50 of them to get through during these cold Winter nights...

The longest-running of the three "weird tales" series , this title was hosted by Death himself! Appearing in a different military uniform each issue, Death expostulated on the virtues of war: death, famine, etc.

In later issues recurring characters included the Creature Commandos (created by J.M. DeMatteis, featured from #93 onwards) and G.I.Robot (by Robert Kanigher, #101 onwards). The famous sixties series "The War That Time Forgot" was also pulled out of Limbo.


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