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Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Our Pekar year...

Harvey ! Harvey ! Harvey !!!
Yes I'm that excited, I just watched American splendor on DVD today and I loved it even more than 6 months ago when I saw it at the theatres. American splendor is one of those little movies that gets zero attention and even less box-office, but it remains a small jewel. This is a comic-movie, no Superhero or mutant in sight, but a comic movie nonetheless. In fact I'm going out on a limb here and am stating for the record American splendor is probably THE comic movie of comic movies.
Why is it so great, well mainly because it's about a guy who loves comics and movies (sounds familiar) but has a lot of trouble dealing with life and stupidity in general... But he pulls through, every day is hell for him, but he stays through to form doesn't compromise and uses his brain and sense of humour to pull him through.

the film documents Pekar's decidedly anti-heroic life - by day a not so mild-mannered hospital filing clerk, by night an obsessive-compulsive self-chronicler, regular guest on David Letterman and, latterly, survivor of testicular cancer. No battles between good and evil, no superhuman exploits, just the everyday thoughts and experiences of an ordinary Joe trying to leave a mark and choosing comic books to do so


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