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Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Thora Thora Thora !!!

After a very busy October month, where I didn't have
time to read comics, let alone hunt them down on eBay, I'm back in the fold and hungrier than ever...baby

I've been actively chasing down
Thor books, hoping to get the full series (#126 upwards) up to 400 complete. After about 5 months of collecting, I'm down to just 16 missing issues.

This week I received 38 books from my buddy
"Aces", fav cover of the bunch is this one...

ya gotta love those big galactus hands reaching for Thor's hair

One of my biggest worries was filling the #300 -#336 gap. I needed every issue, but wanted to buy them from a single seller to save on shipping. Problem was that most sellers who sold the run, also had a bunch of other books in the auction and I didn't want to buy even more "doubles'. And then I spotted a seller selling these books, and just these books. I was lucky enough to win them for $12.00.
Who said you can't score a bargain on eBay anymore,
best to keep quiet about the $25.00 shipping I had to pay

Looking at the covers of these 75 books was pure joy, can't wait to start reading them all back to back, having only read about 20 Thor books in my life, a run of nearly 300 books will hopefully be a lot of fun


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