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Saturday, November 05, 2005

A Quartet of Spideys

Well with all the Thor buying and the FF-hunting of late, Amazing Spider-man has been left on the back burner lately. Still next to the FF run it's the biggest series I'm collecting.

And as I still need about 30 issues to get #1 to #500 complete, it's probably the series I'll be buying the most of in the next year or so.

This week a nice package from "The Blob" arrived featuring the following books.
  • Amazing Spider-man 10
  • Amazing Spider-man 31
  • Amazing Spider-man 36 last Ditko issue
  • Amazing Spider-man 41 first Rhino

#10 is a solid VG- and my oldest Spidey book to date...yay I cracked the top 10

Issue #41 has always been a favorite due to the sheer dynamism...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

o man...that is one amazing cover....

Happy hunting dude!!

Richard Boom

1:07 PM  

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