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Saturday, December 24, 2005

Holy Grail

Last week I finally managed to buy my holy grail; Fantastic Four #1...and by getting the book I have wanted for years I also completed my Fantastic Four run. I'm now the proud owner of FF #1 - #520

I intended to stop at #500....but I so enjoyed the Waid issues, I continued buying until #520...but have stopped since then.

When I completed my Avengers collection (#1-#500) last year in December my New Year's resolution was to try and complete my Fantastic Four series and managed to just do it with a week to spare.

I don't have FF#1 in hand yet, as I don't want it crossing the drink during the Xmas period when horrible things happen at the post office, but I should get it some time in January.

As I've had some luck the past years completing my runs, I'm going to ad one to the list..

2003 Iron Man #1 -#400
2004 Avengers #1-#500
2005 Fantastic Four #1-520
2006....Amazing Spider-man #1 - #500

Yes, next year I'm going to shoot for the mother of all Marvel runs....so when I have some money again I'll be pestering a lot of you for cheap low to mid-grade Ditko Spideys

Here's a scan to see what FF #1 through #500 looks like.
Quality is not great, but I had to keep it manageable size-wise.

Click here for a all the Fantastic Four covers

Before I retire and start reading 520 FFissues back to back I want to wish all of you a Gelukkig Nieuwjaar en het allerbeste voor 2006.


Blogger Boomvavavoom said...

sooo...the next couple of months your wife and kids won't be seeing much of you :p

4:26 PM  

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