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Thursday, March 15, 2007

They killed him, but I'm keeping him alive...

Well as most of you know Captain America is no more, he was "killed" by Crossbones/Sharon Carter whatever.I won't elaborate on Marvel's latest gimmick, plenty of other blogs for that and I also don't believe that Cap's dead for good. So why am I writing about it at all...because I just got a huge stack of Cap books in the mail.

After all my tales of woe the previous months/years about very slow shipping, I finally caught a break. This morning an 25 lbs M-bag with about 170 caps (Silver-Bronze-Copper) arrived from the US
It was put in the system on Jan 21st and I calculated (based on previous misadventures) it would arrive arrive around the first of May..well it didn't, it got here now and only took 52 days. Or half the time of the previous ones.

I have no idea now anymore how the M-bag system works, my best bet is that they have a
800-pound gorilla working there who tosses the bag and the bag that lands the furthest away from base gets shipped first.
Anyway, I don't care, all I know I have a huge lot of Caps between #106 & #400 to read.
After getting my very first Caps a few months ago, I kinda fell in love with the series and decided to put together a nice long run, initially I was going for #100 (Captain America starts with #100) through to #200...but now I guess I'm going to go up to #400.
The next week will be pretty busy, re-bagging and boarding 170 books, grading them and putting them in my database and then fyscially moving them into my comic cabinets.But let's face it, that's the fun part of collecting.

Here's how 170 Cap books look, fresh out of the M-bag, I put one of the better covers next to the pile to give you an idea of the dimensions.

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