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Saturday, December 12, 2009

Tales of Suspense Completed

Well, after a little longer than 18 months, I'm happy to say I finally managed to complete the entire Tales of Suspense series. As always the last 3 issues took a while, but I'm happy they've come home to roost.

I can clearly remember when I started collecting TOS as I also wrote a little blog-entry about it Check it out here At that time I'd bought 38 of the 60 issues and needed 22 more. The final ones I needed were :

Tales of Suspense #44
Tales of Suspense #50 (First appearance of the Mandarin)
Tales of Suspense #57 (First appearance of Hawkeye)


Feel free to click on the thumbnails to see a bigger scan.

For the cover-fans I made a little video showcasing ALL the Tales of Suspense books from #99 down to #39

Enjoy and as always, you can click through to my youtube channel to see the much larger video in HD.


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