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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Out of Control

This is the kind of Blog entry I don't really like to make, but right now it's pretty necessary.
Lately I've been feeling like a comet rocketing out of control, having fun along the way but knowing, deep down, that the trip has to end. What the hell am I talking about ? Well let's just say that I've spent nearly $3000 the last two weeks on comic books

I haven't made any "stupid" buys, most books have been from my want-list, it's just that there has been so much I wanted that came up for sale and I just couldn't say no and bought most, if not all, of it. I've been trying to work with a rather comfortable monthly budget,I go over each month, but never by this much. It was just one of those weeks, I was home from work, cruising the comic-forums and eBay like an addict and before you knew it I was whipping out my credit card again, and again...and again.

I haven't gotten myself in debt, and I haven't spent money that wasn't mine to spend o r was meant for something else, I've just spent way too much in a short time on something, important as it may be to me, is still just a hobby.
So enough is enough..I decided a few days ago that I'm going cold turkey and will try not to buy anything until at least June 15th. That gives me two months of solitude, two months of getting this monkey off my back and two months to get my budget back on track.
Now I won't make any promises I can't make, if I happen to run into an Action #1 for $1000, I'll buy it, no doubt about it, but let's just say that bar any "incredible-once-in-a-lifetime-deals" I'm not currently buying...well not anything over $50.00.
Today was day #3 of the self-imposed ban and I haven't gone to eBay or other dens of sin in the entire time. Here's to the next 60 days

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Too bad! I was going to offer you some sweet Batmans

11:29 PM  
Blogger chromium said...

You are the devil...a sweet sweet Devil, but still the Devil

11:30 PM  

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