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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

A Thor-ough Collection

Forgive the bad pun, but I'm feeling quite giddy at the moment as I've just finished scanning in the covers,adding the data to my spreadsheet and putting the books away in my collection. "What books ?" I hear you shout from your little corner in Cyberspace...why the two remaining Thor issues of course.
As of now it's official...Thor series up to #400 is complete
To be frank..it wasn't all that hard to complete the series, I started in September 2005 and 6 months later I finished. The series starts at #126 but lost its magic around #383 (when Simonson left) but I decided to collect up to #400 to end with a nice round figure.
Like many people I thought that Thor was kinda lame..until I started reading them and was surprised at the "cosmic theme" that runs throughout the books. There must be a reason that this was Kirby's favorite series...
None of the issues are really expensive either, if you stay below NM I'm pretty sure no book should cost you more than $75.00....and most of the Silver age Issues can be had for $20 - $25 in the FINE range.

So let's end the saga with the covers of the very last 2 books I needed..and lucky for all of us, they're pretty cool covers to boot

Oh and if you click on them you get the bigger versions :)


Blogger Jordy said...

Damn you for having such a great collection!

good job!

4:15 PM  
Blogger chromium said...

My wife told you to say this right ?

Thanks for nice words...I think you broke the record for comment-time on a new blog entry :)

4:29 PM  
Anonymous Murrkon5 said...

The covers you present are the very issues that introduced my teenage self to Thor back when. What are the odds that I utterly missed the Kirby years? Still, Buscema and Sinnot's depiction of Thor blew my mind then and still blows my mind. I collected faithfully until I could stand no more. The run to #300 stunk on ice. Like you, I wanted to end on a round number.

I didn't return to the title until Walt Simonson's legendary run. And dropped it like Surtur's handshake as soon as Simonson left.

Still my favourite Marvel hero, if only in memorium...

5:08 AM  
Blogger chromium said...

Surtur's handshake

LOL spoken like a true Thor-fan.
Hope you still have the books and still enjoy them from time to time :)

12:43 PM  

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