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Friday, June 16, 2006

Mind the gap

So what happened to me the last 2 months....well basically life happened.
I had to cut down on my on-line time due to a heavy work schedule and stuff that needed to be done around the house.

But I didn't stop buying books, just stopped reading them and even looking at them. Yes I'm sad to say that I reached another nadir in my collecting life, the one where you buy books, and when you receive them, you open up the package, look at the
cover and just toss them on a big pile and forget about them for a few weeks....even the expensive ones.
But today I had some time and I started to siff through the books I bought the last 6 weeks..

here's a small sampling...

The two first books were your typical "impulse buys".
I've always loved both of these covers, the Kirby cover on the JIM book (first Absorbing Man) has always been one of the most powerful Kirby JIM covers, the action just flows off the pages...This copy cost me a lot more than I was willing to spend, as it's in much higher grade than I normally pick for my early Silver Age books....but the colours are still amazing. The red is just dripping off the book, almost a "wet paint" look..incredible after 40 years...I'm always willing to pay a little extra if the cover truly is fabulous.

But the real winner is Nick Fury, agent of SHIELD #1...one of Steranko's most famous and best covers ever. It's always been in my cover top-5 and now I'm glad I finally have a copy. You just gotta love his take on composition and pop-art.
The 60's don't ya just love 'em ?

As always, just click on the pics for a bigger version


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