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Monday, August 28, 2006

The other side of collecting

Looks like my study just was attacked by the Juggernaut...or at least Whirlwind.
Truth be told I have been hit by hurricane "lazybastard"...a common occurrence in the collecting world, it's when you get a lot of books in and can't be arsed to sort them, no matter how good, valuable or rare the books are, you just put them on a pile somewhere.

And this is exactly what's been happening to me for a while now, when I get new books in I frantically (but carefully) open the package, get the comics out, look at the covers and....toss them
You see the purpose of "the pile" is that I stack the books carefully and then take them from the pile, one by one and perform the following magical tasks

* remove the book from the bag and put the now *naked* book aside
* Throw away the old bag and give the board to my kids so they can make weird drawings on them ( doesn't apply when the book arrives in a Mylar sleeve + fullback)
* Grade the book, by looking it over, counting pages and (of course) smelling it
* remove the book from my Excel want-list
* Ad the book (+ grade + value + notes) to my "collection" Excel page
* Put the comic in a new bag + board
* Put the book in the right box in my storage unit

Sounds like fun ? Well it is, for the first year, or the first few 100 books, but after a while it takes a lot of discipline, I can do maybe 10 - 12 books per hour...and the logical thing to do would be to do the chores every time a book arrives...but then I was never logical.

So I just stack the books, and once the little nagging voice in my head becomes a loud loud jungle drum I give in and spend 4-5 hours being a notary, a pencil pusher, a book-keeper...(a comicbook-keeper hehe ba-da-bingg !).

And then people ask me why I have only read 20% of my collection.....


Anonymous Aaron C said...

I know that feeling exactly.

I always get thta guilty feeling as well whenever I see the pile...especially if the kids like looking at it too.

Once every couple of months I get the urge to do the B&B and filing.

12:21 AM  
Blogger chromium said...

I'm actually starting to un-bag them as I'm typing this.
Writing about this whole phenomenon has made the guilt even worse :)

12:25 AM  
Blogger Lawrence said...

Hey, get that ASM 129 in mylar and filed neatly.....at least it's on the top of the pile ;)

4:00 AM  

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