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Monday, July 10, 2006

Mixed Feelings

I've had mixed feelings all week long about a sweet deal I pulled off...somehow it doesn't feel right.
Let me explain, two weeks ago a dealer I'm on friendly terms with had a few Silver Age books for sale including two of the 11 ASM's I still needed.
They were lower grade than I normally take, but one of them was ASM #28 which is prolly the most difficult book to collect due to the almost entire black cover.
Even the slightest little crack or fold messes up this book bigtime, meaning that the true high grade books go for an insane amount...

So I was thinking to myself, why waste a lot of money on a FINE when it will still look like donkey kaka ?
So I decided to go for a low grade beater at a low grade price.
Now, I asked the seller how much he wanted for the #28 in GOOD together with #34 in VG-...he wanted $100 for it...now I'm not 100% sure that I would have taken them at that price, but I never got a personal reply back. What the seller did was post the asking price (directed at me personally) in his "For Sale" topic....and I never saw it :(
A week later I check that topic again and see that he replied to me 7 days earlier and that the books are now on eBay.
So I place bids on both of them and win them....for $33.00...
So in the end I got them for 30% of the asking price, but somehow it feels wrong...maybe I'm in a oversensitive mood with this current heatwave...I dunno


Blogger Lawrence said...

ASM #28 is one my personal favourite Spidey books. I've got a decent copy I'm proud of.

Don't feel bad at all, a good deal sometimes is rare, so revel in it a bit....

7:23 AM  

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