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Monday, June 19, 2006

Doom Doom shake the Room

Ok, continuing from the previous post, here's what I recently got Spider-man wise....
12 Issues to go until I've collected the entire series, so I didn't feel too guilty on spending $ on these puppies....after all they were on my want list

Issue #39 is ju
st a classic book, powerful, iconic cover, Norman Osborne revealed as the Green Goblin..but most important first John Romita issue...the artist that more than anyone (yes, even Ditko) made Amazing Spider-man THE Marvel flagship book and THE penultimate Marvel hero

I also couldn't resist picking up #5 in FINE...it's my earliest ASM to date, but more importantly it's the first showdown between Spidey and good old Doctor Doom.
Being a Doom-head, this was (together with #1) at the very top of my want list and
I was chuffed to finally get this beauty from 1962

Again, to see the larger scans, just click on the thumbs


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