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Saturday, September 09, 2006

Tales from the Bag part 1

Yesterday an M-bag was delivered to my house containing about 200 comics.
Always a happy occasion, but this time I was even more delighted as the M-bag had been in transit for...wait for it...I'm not kidding you....101 days

The comics were paid for in January 2006 and sent in May (don't ask)....they should have arrived in 28 to 42 days...they didn't.

The Mbag wasn't shipped to a wrong address, customs never touched it, it didn't fall of the boat and float around for a few months...it just took 101 days. Good thing patience is a virtue. To be honest I never thought I would ever see the package again and that the comics were lost for ever.

Talking of which, I really bought a bunch of really strange stuff this time, no A-titles, not even B-titles...
Curious ? Well I'll be spotlighting a few of the titles over the next few weeks.

Here's the first series from the "big bag of fun" Doctor Who (Marvel) 1-18
Doctor Who comic *strips* have appeared almost continuously over the past
35 years, but this Marvel run from 1984 was the only ongoing comic book series and was basically a repackaging of the classic (UK) Dr Who Comics weekly strips. The comics themselves have no ads at all and have thicker covers than most comics of that time and lasted for 23 issues.

Art was done by Dave Gibbons of Watchmen fame with Walt Simonson illustrating the "fact" pages with info about this new (for Americans) hero. Stories are basic, but a lot of fun and they star the best "Doctor" of all time...Tom Baker (Fourth Doctor)...the last 5 issues star Peter Davidson (5th Doctor) but I was really interested in those, so I'm happy with the first 18 issues
I also love the fact that the books are written in a real cliffhanger style, just like the original TV series, the final panel of the book always shows the Doctor in a no-win-close-to-death situation...tune in next week/month for the conclusion kids


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